Landlord’s Information

Renting through Oakwood, we make sure we give you the highest standard of service.  We will guide you through the renting process ensuring you understand what you are signing for and what you are responsible for during your tenancy.

Landlord’s Information

Throughout the whole process of letting we make sure that we give you the highest standard of service.  We offer a full range of services to meet your needs; full property management, let and rent collection or let only.  There are many legal requirements for landlords to consider when letting a property.  As a client, we will guide you through the process and ensure you are aware of your legal obligations. 

Our aim is to maximise the return on your investment while safeguarding your interests.  By getting to know you and your property we can ensure we meet your objectives.  We have extensive knowledge of the market and many years’ experience in attracting quality private tenants.  We believe that presenting your property in the right way is an essential first step to a successful tenancy. 

Below we have detailed a few points to consider before marketing your property:

Furnished or Unfurnished?

The amount of rent achieved seldom differs when offering a property furnished or unfurnished.  Majority of our tenants have requested unfurnished.  We get very few, if any, requests for furnished.


Tenants are usually attracted by a modern and neutral interior finish.  Our advice would be to keep the décor simple and uncomplicated in order to present a spacious and modern living space which appeals to as many potential tenants as possible.

Cleaning and inventory

The property should always be presented in the best possible condition.  An inventory will need to be undertaken before new tenants move in to ensure the property is returned in the same condition at the end of the tenancy.  It is also important to maintain the standard of the property while vacant, e.g. keeping the entrance free of post.  Prospective tenants will be presented with a desirable, well maintained property, inspiring confidence from the start of the relationship.


All landlords must ensure that their property has the correct consents before proceeding with a tenancy.  These include consents from your lender if the property is subject to a bank loan or mortgage, and permission from the freeholder to sub-let if the property is leasehold.  It is also important to ensure you have the correct landlord’s insurance covering the building and your contents.

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