Our Fees and Services

Renting through Oakwood, we make sure we give you the highest standard of service.  We will guide you through the renting process ensuring you understand what you are signing for and what you are responsible for during your tenancy.

Fees Schedule for Landlords

Let Only and Full Management Service

Standard Fees

  • Management Service Charge: 10% of rent due (plus cost for finding new tenants)
  • Letting Only Service: 8% of annual rent due

Additional Fees

  • Cost for finding new tenants: 25% of one month’s rent (minimum of £150)
  • Tenancy renewal: £70
  • Deposit protection: £50
  • Minimum Fee (in case of early termination):  £400
  • Vacant Property Visits and Report: £25 per visit
  • Obtaining estimates and supervision of major works: 10% of cost of work over £500
  • Issuing Notice of Seeking Possession: £100
  • Duplication & testing of extra keys: £10 plus costs of keys

Whether or not the agent has negotiated subsequent extensions, they will be entitled to fees at the agreed rate in respect of any tenant or occupant they have introduced.

All fees and expenses incurred on behalf of the client will be deducted by the agent from the rent payable and notified to the client in their statement.

If there are insufficient funds for the agent’s fees to be deducted, then an invoice will be raised to the client to be paid within 14 days.

Our fees may be raised at the end of each tenancy but with three months’ written notice they could be raised mid tenancy.

Through our designated Client Account, all client and tenant fees and rents will be credited and debited and our Deposit Account will be held solely for retention of tenant deposits.

We are currently not VAT registered

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