Tenant’s Fees

Renting through Oakwood, we make sure we give you the highest standard of service.  We will guide you through the renting process ensuring you understand what you are signing for and what you are responsible for during your tenancy.


Tenancy Set-up costs

  • £150 Reference check, tenancy agreement (first applicant)
  • £30 Additional applicant
  • £30 Guarantor cost
  • £30 Weekend check in                                                              

Throughout the Tenancy

  • £70 Renewal of tenancy contract
  • £50 Cost for any endorsements to the Tenancy Schedule 

Breaches of Tenancy

  • £35 Late rental payment
  • £35 Replacement copies of Inventory & Schedule of Condition
  • £35 Aborted pre-arranged visit to the Property

End of Tenancy

  • £30 Check out cost
  • £60 Inventory at check out

The Tenant Agrees to pay the Landlords Agent

  • £100       A charge of £100 as detailed in the Tenancy Agreement should the Tenant unlawfully terminate the Tenancy,

clause 13.1.1

Additional Tenant Cost

The Tenant shall – Pay the Landlord’s Agent their reasonable costs incurred in connection with any default of this agreement by the Tenant as follows:

  • £50 Charge will apply should you wish to make a change to the terms and conditions already agreed, including the Tenancy start date, which will result in a new document being produced.
  • £50 For the service of any Notice
  • £20 For any visit to the Property made by the staff of the Landlord’s Agent

Pay the Landlords reasonable costs of preparation and service of any Notice in relation to any breach of these Tenancy Terms of Conditions plus all costs awarded to the Landlord by the Courts.

Pay the Landlord or the Landlord’s Agent all reasonable costs incurred in recovering possession of the property through the Court proceedings or any other action arising out of any breach of the provisions of this Agreement plus all costs awarded to the Landlord by any Court.

Tenant Payment Obligations

The Tenant shall

Pay the Landlord reasonable costs of re-letting the property as detailed in Clause 13.1 of the Tenancy Agreement, should the Tenant unlawfully terminate the Agreement.

The Tenant agrees that if any of the costs and charges detailed in above remain outstanding at the end of the Tenancy then they may be deducted from the Tenancy Deposit.

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