Tenant’s Insurance

Renting through Oakwood, we make sure we give you the highest standard of service.  We will guide you through the renting process ensuring you understand what you are signing for and what you are responsible for during your tenancy.

Are my possessions fully insured?

Many tenants make the mistake of believing that they are covered by their landlord’s insurance when renting a property from a landlord.  However, the reality is that you will not be covered a landlord will only take out a landlord’s insurance to cover the property.  You will need to take out insurance to cover your possessions.

Choosing the right cover

As a tenant, you will want the right insurance for your possessions at the best price.  There are a few policies available, so why not speak to Oakwood Insurance Brokers

Oakwood Insurance Consultants

Oakwood Property Management is the sister company to Oakwood Insurance Consultants who will be able to provide a specialist tenant insurance for your possessions.

Weather you're looking for a new rental property or rental out an existing property, Oakwood Property Services is on hand.

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